The cost and quality of wrought iron products vary widely, even within one company.  There are the easily comparable options such as length, width, height and the not so obvious metal thickness, number and quality of welds, grinds, type of paint, coating or powder coat and hundreds of other variables.  This makes apple to apple comparisons a rigorous exercise unlikely to explain the price differences you may find out there.  Should you need to fit a project in a specific budget, let us know.  We will work with you to get the best quality for your money.

Here you will find photos of many of our projects.  This is to provide you with some ideas for a starting point in your quest for the overall look you want to achieve.

The details, budget and quality can be decided after you figure out what you like or don’t like..  Take a look at these photos but not with the idea of which will look the best in your yard, instead use your first impression as a guide.  Simply decide if it impresses you favorably or not.  Soon you will find a theme and be able to pick out details you love or hate.  For example, if you find bell shaped arches on the gates you like, this will likely become an important detail in your design.  Remember what you like and the details you have found most attractive.  Then call us and we can go over them and design something fitting your needs.

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