We Love to Fix Things


In today’ specialized world, we tend to be great in our professions but find it is not as economical to fix things ourselves when we can bring in professionals who are as specialized in their field as we are in ours.

Ironside is first and foremost a custom fit fabricator whose talents allow us to fix almost anything metal.  Since we now add wood to our metal gates, we can handle some carpentry as well.

The economics of repairs sometimes make replacement a better option and if this is the case, we are there for you.  However, we can fix most damaged ornamental iron, even if it has rusted right through.  By cutting out and welding in new pieces, your fence, gate or railing can look like new.

Our sister company, AAA Gate has technicians who are experts in the electronics of gate automation and access control.  Give us a call the next time you see your gate is dragging or the rusted hand rail starts moving on you.




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